Friday, November 14, 2014

Whether organic or synthetic, jazz is good for the soul....

I walked into this afternoon's jazz concert at the Englewood (FL) Art Center expecting it to be a B-3 kind of afternoon with the Sarasota-based Organic Trio. But keyboard player Robbie Rose decided to bring his electronic keyboards to the South County Jazz Club matinee rather than transport the hefty Hammond B-3.

The dual keyboards produced an organ-like sound, but it certainly wasn't the soulful sound produced by a B-3 and its whirling Leslie speaker. That doesn't mean it was bad. To the contrary. Rose, guitarist Rick Peterson and drummer Art Siegel put on a fine show, displaying individual chops as well as a cohesiveness that only comes with working together steadily. 

 Favorite moments: Peterson's melodic showcase on the jazz chestnut "Have You Met Miss Jones?" and the trio's beautiful cover of Horace Silver's ballad "Peace."
Robbie Rose, Art Siegel, Rick Peterson

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