Sunday, September 29, 2013

An open letter to fellow South County Jazz Club members

Look behind the mirror before you vote

As a club member for two-thirds of the South County Jazz Club’s existence, I want to make a couple of comments about what I’ve observed over the past few months.
A former board member, Jack Fanning (who resigned earlier this year for health reasons) and his crew of supporters have put together an “alternative slate” of officer candidates for next month's officer elections with one purpose  - and one purpose alone.
It’s a concerted effort to run current president Morrie Trumble out of the club…. using exaggeration, innuendo, mistruths and bold-faced lies to besmirch Morrie’s character and his vast contributions to this nonprofit organization. That’s their only agenda.
It’s despicable - and anyone involved ought to be ashamed of themselves.
Their campaign has all been negative, negative, negative - and it is way off the mark.
More importantly, they’ve shown us no platform or vision to further the club’s goals, to grow its membership or to enhance its concert seasons beyond 2013-2014. It appears they have no forward-thinking plan for the club. If if they do – it is a closely guarded secret.
I see no one on the alternate slate of candidates with the talent or the regional and national contacts to put together a formidable concert season of the level to which we’re now accustomed. Absent any positive platform or planning for the future, their moves threaten the club’s very existence beyond this season.

As club members prepare to vote in next month's board election, please give that serious thought.
Whatever happens, you would all be remiss if you don’t thank Morrie for his night-and-day efforts to build The South County Jazz Club into a terrific success in this day and age.

Remember the volume and variety of concerts held. Remember the sheer numbers of musicians employed. Remember the terrific musical moments you’ve enjoyed. Don’t let that fade away. If you do, then we all suffer.


  1. Thanks Ken. Good comments. I am one of the founding members of the SCJC along with Morrie and Jack Fanning. Both Morrie and Jack have worked their hearts out to make the club the success it is today.

    It would be a tragedy if the Club were to collapse due to a clash of personalities.

    I voted for Morrie and slate of candidates. Also, suggest that Jack and Morrie get together to resolve differences before next month's election.

    Mike Dowd

  2. Ken, please retract your libelous slurs against those of us whom Jack Fanning posted as candidates for office. He acted without running it past us first, and his barbs aimed at Morrie came from him alone. That is why we have withdrawn, because we don't want to be part of this mud-slinging. Susie, Mike, and I (who did not even know each other until Jack posted his "alternate slate"), met and agreed that we do not want to be part of this fray. Please re-examine the e-mails you have received from Jack Fanning and note that there are no statements from his 3 proposed candidates other than the the only message that DID originate with us, and that is that we choose NOT to comprise an alternate slate. That is ALL you have heard from us. I would appreciate an apology from you, but I'd happily settle for a retraction. Please strike back at ony the person who has struck out, and help us clean up our names from this mess. Thank you.

  3. Ken, Some clarification is in order here. My intent was to offer my name as a candidate for the board, and nothing more. I was completely surprised when I received an email about an "alternate slate". It was never my intention to be part of a concerted effort to displace the existing board. Recognizing the devisive nature of this action, I have withdrawn my name. I believe in the aims of the SCJC and wish it continued success. I do appreciate the hard work that Morrie has done and continues to do. Please publish an update of your previous statements about me. Thank you.

  4. It is with great sorrow that I read your blog and false innuendos. Mu intent was,and still is
    to help the SCJC become bigger and better.
    I have withdrawn my candidacy due to the recent mud-slinging. This serves no purpose. Everyone is trying to do their best for the good of the cause. We all love jazz.
    I would like my name cleared of the mis-representations. Susie Anderson

  5. Samantha, Mike and Susie:

    Thank you for shedding much more light on this unfortunate situation. Please note that I said nothing in my original posting that impugnes the integrity or the good names of the people on the alleged “alternate slate” that Jack Fanning announced last week. In fact, I mentioned no one by name other than him.

    I did state that he and anyone else involved in the anti-Trumble effort) were off base in most of their comments about Morrie. (Jack has supporters on this, but not most of the board candidates.) If you weren’t involved in the effort, you were not off base. If Jack nominated the slate without your consent and participation, as appears to be the case, that was very unfortunate. I understand your concern and, no doubt, anger. Your arguments should be with Jack directly.

    Hopefully this will all be water under the bridge rather quickly – and we can all get back to enjoying the South County Jazz Club’s boutique series of concerts.

  6. As a performer and member of the jazz club, it is upsetting to witness the politicization of this club. There is enough stress in the world and community already. Get back to the business of enjoying and supporting jazz in our community. Dr Bob Felman