Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Brothers in life - and jazz

Tonight's special moment at the South County Jazz Club's weekly jam session at Allegro Bistro in Venice FL belonged to the Mancini brothers.

Dominic Mancini, a longtime fixture on the southwest Florida jazz scene, is the regular bassist for the jam sessions and one of the busiest musicians around. He's one of the very best at what he does. That trait seems to run in the family. His brother Joe, making a pre-holiday visit from southern New Jersey, is a fine pianist.

Tonight, Joe sat in with Dominic for the first time at a South County Jazz Club jam session. Together with drummer Dane Hassan, they explored "I Close My Eyes," "What is This Thing Called Love?" and the beautiful Harry Warren waltz "Summer Night" to wind down the evening's first set.
Joe Mancini has a beautifully melodic and crystalline style at the keyboard. His warm, exploratory sound instantly reminds of Bill Evans. The interesting thing about that - Dominic says Joe was playing that way long before he'd even heard of Evans.

The Mancini brothers have an uncanny musical simpatico - like hand in glove.

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