Friday, July 6, 2012

WGBH needs to revisit its short-sighted decision, not dig in its heels

Last night was Eric Jackson’s final weeknight broadcast and tonight brings Steve Schwartz’s final broadcast as WGBH-FM in Boston retools (deeply cuts and moves to weekends) its jazz programming. That is sad indeed, unless station management takes a step back and admits it made a mistake. (Sadly, I fear radio executives never admit they were wrong about something).
But maybe last night’s heavily attended jazz funeral and protest outside the station, led by musician Ken Field, will prompt a reconsideration. I doubt it will happen, but the optimist in me hopes it does.

Jazz at WGBH has been an important part of the ‘GBH fabric for decades – producing noteworthy concerts by local and national musicians, promoting countless jazz concerts, sharing music with deep knowledge and authority, and sharing wonderful interviews. For this, we need to thank its broadcasters and producers. And, yes, thank the station for its past support. Sustained support would be at a 100 percent level. That’s is not the same as nine paltry weekend hours (read that part-time employment for one broadcaster).


  1. Nicely stated, Ken. Have you heard any follow-up on their bad decision? Any indications that WGBH is rethinking all of this?

  2. lots of local protesting and complaining, as well as coverage. I expect zero backing off. The suits want the station to be just like every other NPR affiliate in the area - news and talk, scant culture.