Thursday, March 8, 2012

Snook Haven's final jam session

Just wanted to share a photo from Tuesday night's South County Jazz Club jam session at Snook Haven, where there's been jazz every Tuesday night at the end of the dirt road for the past 18 months or so.

Beginning March 13, the jazz club's jams are moving about four miles west to Valenti's Allegro Bistro, 1740 E. Venice Ave. in Venice FL. An overwhelming majority of club members voted for the change. It may be a great step in the jams' evolution.

Still, as a Florida newcomer, I'll miss the "Old Florida" rustic charm of Snook Haven, mere steps from the scenic and wild Myakka River. I know of no other place offering jazz on a regular basis that has taxidermist-prepared critters (a bear, two skunks, a coyote) on or alongside the stage - and a skinned alligator on the ceiling.

Valenti's seems to have a bit more seating, which should be a great enhancement going forward. Snook Haven's jams were packed to the gills most Tuesday nights.

Pictured: drummer Dane Hassan, clarinetist Dr. Bob Felman, bassist Dominic Mancini, pianist Tommy Goodman and valve trombonist Jim Fitzpatrick.


  1. We will miss Snook and probably attend less for reasons you mention, as well as personal convenience. While we are members, we don't recall a vote. An email indicating what seemed a fait accompli cited issues related to Snook's long-term solvency. There was simply little, overt dissent. More likely Snook was a bit too "authentic" for some.

    Nevertheless, best of luck to SCJC in its new, more antiseptic digs:)

    1. The food at Allegro Bistro is beyond superb - the absolute best of authentic Italian cuisine and great wines at wonderful prices, all accompanied with superb jazz by the same core group plus some newcomers - what could be wrong? (Oh, and the Bistro bathrooms are roomy and CLEAN.) Snook was/is authentic, alright, but there's no reason for dissension, overt or covert, depending on one's tastes, of course.