Thursday, March 26, 2009

Adventure revisited

The Boston jazz scene has a tradition of adventurous bands - George Russell’s Living Time Orchestra, the Fringe and the Either/Orchestra to name but a few. Another, Your Neighborhood Saxophone Quartet, was created in 1980 and active into the 1990s, making one LP and five CDs, countless appearances around New England and New York, and forays into the Midwest, as well as touring Europe's club, concert and festival circuit 11 times. In the process YNSQ built a solid book of nearly 200 original compositions and arrangements.

Your Neighborhood Saxophone Quartet - featuring Allan Chase and Cercie Miller on alto and soprano saxes, Joel Springer on tenor sax and Tom Hall on baritone sax - is making a reunion appearance on Sunday, April 5 at The Lily Pad in Cambridge, Mass. “I'm really excited about this rare reunion of Your Neighborhood Saxophone Quartet,” Miller said, calling the band “one of my favorite groups I've ever played with.” In addition to dusting off its old charts, the YNSQ also plans to play some new pieces that evening.

It ought to be quite an interesting, and improvisational, evening.

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