Friday, July 9, 2021

The thirst for live jazz performances is back

Thursday night, July 8, saw another full house at The Barrel Room at Twisted Vine Bistro in downtown Fort Myers for the Dan Miller-Lew Del Gatto Quartet. It was the band's fifth week back at the rathskeller-style room after a 15-month lull because of the pandemic.

Lew Del Gatto, Tony Vigilante

The band is top-notch, featuring trumpeter Miller, tenor saxophonist Del Gatto, bassist Brandon Robertson and drummer Tony Vigilante. On this night, they had one guest musician sit in for most of the evening: Terumasa Hino.

Dan Miller

The trumpeter, who lives part of the year in southwest Florida, brings his own brand of musical personality and high-octane musicality to the stage. It is always good to hear him, though these opportunities soon will pause. Hino returns to Japan at the end of the month for club and concert tours. He won't be back in Florida until sometime in December.

Brandon Robertson
Terumasa Hino
He really gets into the music, even when not soloing. When the band performed "Green Dolphin Street," shifting at times into a rhumba, he was swaying and dancing in place to the Cuban dance beat. At one point in the second set, he left the stage, borrowed my empty wine glass, and used it as a mute, giving his solo a dark, rich tone.

This band at this venue never disappoints. The musical chemistry is solid, and there is always something unexpected.

Kudos to venue owners Steve and Denise Hollister for helping keep live jazz and blues performances thriving in the City of Palms.

Terumasa Hino with the Dan Miller-Lew Del Gatto quartet

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