Saturday, December 15, 2018

In the holiday spirit - part 2

Nate Najar's Jazz Holiday merrymakers rolled into Sarasota on Friday evening, December 14, for a South County Jazz Club concert at the Glenridge Performing Arts Center.
Nate Najar

The quintet, pared down from a septet on Thursday in St. Petersburg, included Najar on acoustic, finger-picked guitar, reed player Adrian Cunningham, trumpeter James Suggs, bassist John Lamb and drummer Mark Feinman.

The concert fare was quite similar to the show the night before. The intimacy of the 200-seat Glenridge, the superb acoustics and lighting enhanced the fine show. 

Here are some favorite images:
Adrian Cunningham, James Suggs

Mark Feinman

John Lamb

Nate Najar, John Lamb

James Suggs

Lamb, Cunningham

Adrian Cunningham
Najar, Cunningham, Lamb, Suggs, Feinman

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