Friday, November 22, 2013

Multi-faceted jazz from a true multi-instrumentalist

Paul Duffy brings new meaning to the category "multi-instrumentalist." For his South County Jazz Club quartet gig today, he played tenor sax, guitar, trumpet and flute and sang. But he did just fine with his arsenal, backed by pianist Matt Bokulic, bassist Joe Porter and drummer David Pruyn at the Venice Art Center. Duffy had a soprano sax in his kit but didn't use it with the day's repertoire. He didn't bring his bagpipes this time.

The material in his wide-ranging included Billie Holiday ("God Bless the Child"), Duke Ellington ("In a Sentimental Mood"), George Gershwin ("They Can't Take That Away from Me"), Dizzy Gillespie ("Night in Tunisia"), Sonny Rollins ("St. Thomas"), Stanley Turrentine ("Sugar"), Herbie Hancock ("Watermelon Man"), George Benson ("Masquerade) and, yes, The Beatles.


  • The band's Beatles-go-to-church, gospel-infused version of  "Yesterday," featuring Duffy on vocals and trumpet.
  • Duffy's showcase on "Watermelon Man," on which he traded brief solos with himself throughout the tune, shifting back and forth with great dexterity between tenor sax and trumpet.
  • Duffy's poignant tribute to President John F, Kennedy. He was a wee lad in Dublin when JFK visited Ireland five months before his assassination. Duffy spoke about the pride that Irish Catholics had in the American President, noting that every Catholic house had a photo of Pope Pius IV on the wall, and right below it, a picture of Kennedy. He then sang "Danny Boy" with elegant accompaniment by Bokulic. After the first verse, Duffy revised the lyrics to "Oh Jackie Boy, We Loved You So."
Matt Bokulic, Joe Porter, Paul Duffy, David Pruyn

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