Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A sad day for jazz in Boston (updated)

I expect the protests to start rapidly, accompanied by a severe fall off in the checks and pledges that fund Boston's premier public radio station.

Word came from broadcaster Steve Schwartz this afternoon that WGBH-FM in Boston is dropping his Friday night show, and it is eliminating jazz programming on weeknights as well. It is moving longtime host Eric Jackson (of Eric in the Evening fame) to weekends only. These changes take effect in July.

It means Jackson will have just nine hours of programming (9 p.m. to midnight Friday, Saturday and Sunday) instead of his four hours a night Monday through Thursday plus three hours on Sundays. It also means Schwartz will no longer help produce live jazz programming that has been an integral party of Jackson's show.

Jackson is considered the dean of Boston jazz broadcasters. He and Schwartz have been on the air for three decades apiece, bringing consistency, stability and tremendous jazz knowledge to their programs.

Joe Kahn of The Boston Globe  is following this developing story. Stay tuned, and shed a tear. 'GBH has irreparably tarnished its reputation and its role in the community.

There are two ways to make your voice heard on this right now. Join the Save Eric in the Evening page on Facebook, or email the station's managing director at:

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  1. Hi Ken,

    Here is Phil's phone number as well:

    Philip L. Redo
    Managing Director
    89.7 WGBH Radio
    1 Guest Street
    Brighton, MA 02135