Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008: the jazz year in review

It was a time of jazz tumult, controversy and achievements. The demise of one of the world's premier jazz advocacy organizations topped the jazz world's headlines during 2008, a year that also saw several jazz festivals impacted by the worsening economy. Yet the music itself—and its makers—continue to survive if not thrive in many ways. That was the common thread for my extensive look back at the year, posted at It also includes a rundown of musicians and jazz-related individuals who passed on during the year.

The full year in review can be found at: 2008: A Year of Jazz Tumult, Controversy and Achievements.

Happy holidays to everyone, with the anticipation - or at least the hope - that 2009 will be much an improvement over 2008. May the economic, political, national and international healing be substantial and long lasting. -kf